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Case study

Krulis Commercial Real Estate

A different kind of auction brings success and savings for Krulis Commercial Real Estate

The client

Krulis Commercial are a real estate based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Their team of experts use their insights, knowledge and experience to help their clients with all their real estate needs.

The Problem

High energy costs and no time to monitor the energy market to find the best deal.

The auction process is very useful and has given us great results and competitive savings over the years. We recommend them to businesses who want to achieve savings."

- Theo Efstathiou, Property Manager, Krulis Commercial

The Solution

Our Reverse Auctions allowed Krulis Commercial Real Estate to secure the best possible rate on their next contract that they could get at the time. Over the years we have worked with them.

We also provide them with monthly reports on their usage through our Energy Management services. These reports keep them up to date with their usage and provide expert advice so they know when to recontract.

Krulis Commercial Real Estate

We were able to help Krulis achieve 16% off their energy bill during a favorable energy market.

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