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Case study

Knight Frank Australia Holdings

Knight Frank Australia having the most cost-effective energy solution for their real estate needs.

The client

Knight Frank Australia Holdings Pty Ltd primarily provides real estate agency, property management, franchising, consultancy, and valuation business services in Australia and New Zealand.

The Problem

Changing contracts can often result in disruptions to connections due to time delay. Energy Action took care of this for us.

"I would definitely recommend Energy Action. The service and knowledge is first class and we can trust they will find the best outcome for us."

- Martin Church, Property Manager, Knight Frank Australia Holdings 

The Solution

Knight Frank has been a valuable client of Energy Action for numerous years.

We went through our Reverse Auction for Larger market sites and a Tender for our SME sites to secure competitive contacts with the retailers.

With Energy Action the process from start to finish was very simple, transparent and efficient.

Knight Frank Australia Holdings

Energy Action was able to save Knight Frank Australia Holdings with over $24,000 reduction identified through a Network Tariff Review and saved on energy costs for large and small sites annually.

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