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Case study

Byron Shire Council

Helping Byron Shire Council reach its Net Zero goals

The client

Byron Shire Council has a population of about 35,000 people.

Located at Australia's easternmost point, it is 556 square km in size and is famous for its rural beauty and beaches.

The council has set a goal of Net Zero emissions for council operations by 2025.

The Problem

The council has committed to sourcing 100% of its energy needs through renewable energy.

“A significant contributor to our carbon footprint is ourscope 2 emissions associated with our energy usage. We entered a carbon-neutral agreement in 2019 and have been reviewing options for securing renewable power.”
- Fernanda Farcia
Strategic Procurement Co-ordinator

The Solution

We attracted five compliant bidders from the small retail market to compete for the council’s 100+ small electricity accounts through our Green Tender process.

We also ran a Green Auction for their large sites procurement to purchase 100% Renewable Energy directly from an identifiable Renewable Energy Source - Collector Wind Farm in Cullerin NSW.

Byron Shire Council

Byron Shire Council reached their Net Zero goals and had a 19% reduction in energy costs and 100% GreenPower

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