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Energy Efficiency Audits

There are many ways that a business can save money on their energy bills and an Energy Efficiency Audit can be a key factor in reducing your energy costs.

In a period where rising energy costs are the norm, an energy audit can be instrumental in identifying areas where your business can save money. It will provide a clear set of actions and objectives with regard to energy and cost savings opportunities.

At Energy Action we have conducted energy audits at hundreds of facilities around Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific during the last 16 years. We have developed and delivered energy savings projects at a range of commercial, industrial, hospitality, SME’s and institutional facilities. The greatest opportunities at these types of facilities are typically related to services such as HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, process improvements and general ventilation.

Common to all our audits are the following key features:

  • Pragmatic, accurately costed, based on realistically implementable measures;
  • Best practice calculations for savings based on a complete understanding of energy use and energy contracts;
  • Insightful analysis based on an international quality understanding of energy systems

Our Energy audits will provide a strategic plan for your energy-efficiency upgrades, giving you the tools to make the decisions for the most critical energy-efficiency projects for your business.  Once we have reviewed your site, we’ll evaluate technical energy-efficiency measures available with potential savings in terms of energy costs and greenhouse gas reductions. The audit includes an assessment of the existing equipment to determine if it’s operating correctly, as well as assessment and details of possible capital upgrades. Improvements in energy efficiency won’t necessarily require large investments in new plant and equipment: simply tuning your existing assets can save up to 20-30% in energy consumption!

There are 2 types of audits that Energy Action offers including:

  • Basic Energy Audit - Type 1
    The aim of the basic energy audit is to conduct a cost effective walk-through audit of your site. Outcomes include table of energy efficiency measures including costs, energy savings and indicative payback.
  • Detailed Energy Audit – Type 2
    The aim of the detailed energy audit is to conduct a site-wide audit reviewing all energy consuming equipment.  Outcomes include table of energy efficiency measures including costs, energy and non-energy savings (including demand savings) and detailed payback.

There are also a range of programs delivered by Local, State and Federal governments designed to help businesses in all sectors improve their energy efficiency. The Energy Action team has will be able to your business secure grants and funding for your project.

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