Managing your businesses energy has never been more important.

Australia is in an energy crisis. It’s been all over the news. 
The current volatile energy market means there’s never been a more vital time to be monitoring your energy bills and making 
sure your energy contract is being managed effectively.

Energy Action have teamed up with the Betta Buy Bakers to help you during these challenging times.

Send us your most recent energy bill and you will promptly be supplied with a complimentary energy contract appraisal and be connected with expert advice helping you navigate the road ahead.
What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our energy experts today.

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    Reduce the price you pay for energy - Energy Procurement

    It's a Partnership

    Energy Action works with you throughout the entire procurement process. We make it easier to get the correct energy procurement technique and back you the whole way.

    Introduction to Energy Procurement

    There is so much potential to save money using renewable energy. We explore your options, how they differ, and which best suit your needs.

    Reverse Auctions

    We do the hard work for you. Our live reverse auction tool creates competitive friction and drives prices down. On average, our reverse auction generates a 20% savings.

    The Best Outcome

    We work with 1500 customers across every state and territory and achieved $20.5M energy savings in 2021.