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Why VIC and SA customers could be expecting additional charges on their upcoming electricity bills

On 24th-25th January 2019, a Reliability and Reserve Emergency Trader (RERT) event occured in South Australia and Victoria as initiated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The RERT is a function granted to the AEMO to maintain or restore the power system to a reliable operating state through procuring additional energy reserves. These events occur during high demand periods over Summer. Read on to learn how these can affect the upcoming electric bills of VIC and SA customers.

What this means for customers?

The costs of an RERT event are passed back onto retailers who then pass these costs to customers who had consumed electicity in the region. You may have already noticed an additional charge on your electric bill, however depending on your retailer, this charge may take several months to appear.

Please be aware that this is an exceptional charge that is levied by the AEMO on extremely rare occassions. Energy Action advises business energy customers contact retailers directly for further information on how and when these costs will appear on your electric bill.

Further information on the Reliability and Reserve Emergency Trader (RERT) can be found on the AEMO website here.

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