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Unlocking Renewable Energy Savings: Guide to Australian Government Grants and Rebates

With energy prices rising, Australian businesses are looking to renewable generation to reduce costs and emissions. However, technologies like solar PV, battery storage, and wind power require significant upfront capital expenditure. The good news is Australian federal and state government assistance can offset a portion of these costs through grants, rebates, tax deductions, and other incentives. This guide provides businesses with a valuable overview of the renewable energy subsidies available.

Key Government Incentives for Commercial Renewable Energy

Leverage these current subsidies and programs:

  • Federal Commercial Solar Rebate - The federal government provides an upfront discount on the installed cost of commercial solar PV systems under 100kW. Rebates up to $50k are available for small businesses based on system size and panels' origin. Larger businesses can get a capped rebate up to 100kW.
  • Accelerated Depreciation Deductions - Organisations can deduct the full capital cost of eligible commercial solar and wind assets in the year of installation until 30 June 2023. This tax deduction incentive applies to assets with useful life under 15 years. Accelerated depreciation then takes effect.
  • State Renewable Energy Certificate Programs - Several states offer solar panel owners tradeable certificates for renewable energy generated and exported to the grid. These certificates can be sold to energy retailers. NSW, VIC and QLD have established solar export rebate schemes.
  • Discounted Energy Audits - Governments provide co-funding support to small and medium enterprises to undertake detailed energy audits. Audits benchmark current energy efficiency and help right-size renewable systems by identifying upgrade opportunities.
  • Commercial Lighting Upgrade Rebates - The federal and most state governments offer rebates up to thousands of dollars to help offset costs when businesses switch to more efficient LED lighting. Reducing lighting load lowers solar system sizing needed.
  • Technology-Specific Grants - Competitive government grant programs periodically target specific technologies like waste heat recovery, bioenergy, hydrogen pilots, etc. Grants support innovation and commercialization.

Federal Government Renewable Energy Subsidies

Commercial Solar Rebate - The federal government provides an upfront discount on solar PV system costs for small businesses up to $50k based on system size [1]. Larger businesses get a capped rebate.

Asset Write-Offs - 100% immediate tax deduction available on eligible solar and wind assets under 15 years useful life until 30 June 2023 [2]. Accelerated depreciation then applies.

Feasibility Study Grants - Government co-funding available for detailed feasibility studies for clean technology projects [3].

Energy Audits - Discounted energy audits for small/medium businesses help identify efficiency upgrades to optimise renewable system sizing [4].

State Based Renewable Energy Programs

Solar Rebates - NSW, VIC, QLD and SA offer state level rebates from $500 to $3000 for small solar PV systems under 30kW.

Interest Free Loans - NSW and QLD provide interest free loans up to $50k for solar, battery and energy efficiency upgrades.

Renewable Certificates - NSW, VIC and QLD solar export rebate schemes pay businesses for generated solar sent to the grid.

Equipment Rebates - Support for technologies like waste heat recovery, insulation, EV chargers and more. Varies by state.

Grants - NSW, QLD, SA and WA offer grant programs periodically for business renewable projects meeting criteria.

Other Funding Support

ARENA Grants - The Australian Renewable Energy Agency provides periodic competitive innovation grants for renewable pilots and trials [5].

CEFC Financing - Businesses can access Clean Energy Finance Corporation loans starting at $20m for major renewable projects.

Bank Finance - Green loans, sustainability-linked loans and climate bonds at lower rates help finance renewables.


With proper planning, Australian organisations can stack government grants, rebates, tax deductions and other incentives to improve the business case for renewable energy investments. Save time and money by engaging specialists to identify all subsidies you qualify for. The assistance available makes going green more affordable than ever - so take advantage.


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