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What Should You Ask Your Potential Energy Broker? 5 Essential Questions

Navigating the labyrinthine world of energy procurement can be a daunting task for any business. That's where an energy broker steps in, acting as your guiding light through the complex maze of tariffs, contracts, and renewable options. But how do you know you're partnering with the right broker? Here are five essential questions to ask your potential energy broker to ensure you're making an informed decision.

1. What's Your Experience in Business Energy Procurement?

Experience is the cornerstone of expertise. Ask your potential energy broker about their track record in business energy procurement. Have they worked with businesses similar to yours? Do they understand the intricacies of your industry? A seasoned broker can offer tailored solutions that align with your business needs.

2. How Do You Approach Energy Management?

Effective energy management is more than just securing a good rate; it's about long-term strategies for sustainability and efficiency. At Energy Action, we offer a unique energy management platform called Utilibox. Utilibox provides real-time energy data at the click of a button, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your energy usage.

3. Can You Help Us Achieve Net Zero?

The journey to net zero is a marathon, not a sprint. Your broker should offer strategies that align with your sustainability goals. Whether it's through renewable energy procurement or carbon offset programs, a competent broker will help you take meaningful steps towards a greener future.

4. How Do You Make It Cheaper for Us?

Let's face it, the bottom line matters. But "cheaper" doesn't always mean "better." Ask your broker how they plan to make it cheaper without compromising on quality or sustainability. Are they well-versed in the ASX Energy market? Do they have access to an energy marketplace that allows for competitive bidding?

5. What Sets You Apart from Other Brokers?

This is your chance to gauge the broker's unique selling proposition. Are they just another middleman, or do they offer something more? Look for brokers who go beyond the call of duty, offering value-added services like energy audits, contract management, and ongoing consultancy.

Choosing the right energy broker can make all the difference in your energy procurement strategy. By asking these five questions, you're not just ticking boxes; you're taking a proactive step towards smarter, more sustainable energy solutions for your business.

So, ready to make an informed choice? Contact us to learn how Energy Action can guide you through the energy maze with expertise and tailored solutions.

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