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Know immediately.

See the bigger picture when it comes to your energy spend.

Our accounts platform automatically brings all your organisation’s energy and billing data
into one place, and turns the information into useful insights and time-saving outputs.

Achieve efficiency

Manage all your energy related payment information in one place.

From energy billing consumption validation to automated payments and budgeting, our accounts platform gives you greater control of your energy overheads.

Save time

All your invoices and energy related contracts and information are automatically brought together making everything easy to find.

Automate your payments

There’s no need for manual checking and bill payments can be automated with confidence

Get greater usage visibility across all your sites

Understand consumption trends, maximise efficiencies and receive alerts on abnormal usage

Never pay a cent more than
you should

Every single energy invoice across your organisation is systematically validated.

Never miss a payment

It’s not unusual for large organisations to miss a bill. With every single invoice automatically collected, you’ll be able to keep the lights on across your business.

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