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Want to make a difference and be proud of what you do? So do we.

Your time at work needs to be rewarding, fun and exclusive. 
We know if we can't help you grow and expand your skills, you'll go elsewhere. 
We get it. This isn't just a gig, this is your career. 
And it's up to us to make it worth your while

Help Australia achieve Net Zero

We do the hard work for you. Our live reverse energy buying auctions create competitive friction and drive prices down. On average, across the thousands we’ve run, our reverse auctions generate a 20% savings difference between first and last bids.

A safe and inclusive workplace

We value our employees, we’ll back you to be yourself, and you’ll share thoughts and ideas in a safe and inclusive working environment.

Ongoing development

We grow skills and develop leaders. You’ll be immersed in continuous learning
through formal training programs and individual mentoring.

Flexible Working

Work is one part of your life, but you’ve got other priorities too. We’re location agnostic, offer a cloud based working environment and an integrated virtual office.

Gym and Yoga

We encourage you to move more by subsidising your gym membership

Social clubs and sports

We support the groups that our teams create. From the old-school social club
(with amazing birthday cakes) through to after-work events

Want to make a difference and be proud of what you do? So do we.

Your time at work needs to be rewarding, fun and inclusive. We know that if we can’t help you grow and expand your skills, you’ll go elsewhere. We get it. This isn’t just a gig, this is your career. And it’s up to us to make it worth your while.

How we hire.

For us, hiring goes two ways – you need to like us as much as much as we like you.
Each of our teams hire slightly differently. But throughout the process we’ll be transparent about us, our expectations, and how we can help you with your career.
We know your time is important, so we’ve designed a recruitment process that usually takes just a few weeks.

Let's chat

We’ll check out your CV and cover letter and organise an initial chat with
someone from HR, the head of one of our teams, or our CEO.

Demonstrate your skills

If your work history and skills look like they’re a match for the position, we
may ask you to take part in a practical skills or competency assessment.

Formal interviews

Meet the team, interview us as much as we’re interviewing you. Do we
inspire you? Are our values aligned?

Decision time

If we make you an offer, we’ve put a lot of thought into it. We want you to
put as much thought into your answer too.

Our teams

We value a wide range of skills and actively encourage all of our teams to contribute innovative solutions towards our goal of making energy simpler, cleaner, and cost less.


Our Sales team doesn't just sell. They
listen and work alongside our clients to
come up with creative, problem-solving
ideas that develop and grow partnerships.

Help our clients invest in a future where
they have the power to drive down energy
costs and emissions.

Net Zero

Our Net Zero team create and
implement a range of strategies
designed to lower and offset customer
emissions in line with their appetite to
invest in renewables and carbon

Trading & Pricing

The Trading and Pricing team work closely with our customers to provide accredited advice, trading strategies and market analytics.
Work with a high performing group
applying research techniques and
technical analytics for the benefit of our

Software Engineering

At its core, Energy Action is a technology
business. As a Software Engineer at
Energy Action, you’ll be part of a team
building solutions that identify energy
inefficiencies and preventable emissions –
helping businesses drive down energy
costs and reach Net Zero.


Our Operations team is fundamental to how we help customers manage their energy needs and costs.
Our Energy Analysts use big data and smart processes to deliver invaluable insights in support of customers’ energy goals


Our Finance team provides invaluable
backing to an energy technology business
that’s changing how energy is bought and
Tackle transformation projects every day,
dealing with anything from legacy
acquisitions to complex invoicing.

The value that guide us

We're proud of our values.
They guide everything we do.

Good energy

Be kind, honest and respectful. The world will thank you for it.


The energy industry talks in deliberately convoluted ways. We don’t. And our clients love us for it.


All our relationships, with each other, our partners and our clients, are built through transparency and respect.

Team first.

When we help each other, great work and great relationships always follow.


Be passionate, agile and dream big. We’re here to help you create longlasting value and be your best self.

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