A Masterclass in the Future of Energy: Navigating Policy, Markets and Carbon Strategies

A Masterclass in Energy

Join us on Thursday 29th February 2024 for a masterclass that illuminates the path to energy excellence for your business.

Thursday 29th February, 2024
9:00am - 2:00pm
L'Aqua, The Rooftop Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
 Sydney, New South Wales

Session highlights

Energy Markets: The Transition to Renewables and Price Fluctuations

Powering Progress: Understanding Australia's Energy Market Dynamics

Gain insights into how Australia's energy transition and market volatility are shaping the future of energy and carbon markets. Learn strategies for navigating these changes and their impact on prices and supply.

Customers and the Community: Green Policy

Green Policy Dynamics: Balancing Grassroots Advocacy and Industry Influence

Delve into the evolving landscape of green policy, where the rising voice of grassroots movements challenges traditional industry lobbying, highlighting the need for energy strategies that align with public expectations for a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Carbon Emissions-Centric Procurement

Green Procurement: Balancing Cost and Carbon in Energy Buying

Explore the evolving approach to energy procurement that integrates cost efficiency with decarbonization goals, reflecting the changing dynamics of electricity and gas markets and the growing emphasis on sustainable practices

The Energy Roundtable

A Live Q&A With Some of Our Retailers

Now is your chance to ask an energy retailer your burning questions. We'll be holding a candid, round table with big name energy retailers who will be available to bring clarity to any questions you may have about powering your business.

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