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With offices across Australia, Energy Action are there to give businesses like yours the support and expertise needed to secure the best electricity contracts available today.


With over 19 years of industry experience, it's no wonder Energy Action remains to be the trusted experts when it comes to energy. 

Energy Action has been helping businesses of all sizes understand and take control of their energy needs for nearly 20 years. Join a community of over 5,000 businesses, government entities and not-for-profits who have decided to minimise their energy spend, consumption and carbon emissions.

We are one of the few providers that offers businesses a full end-to-end energy management solution through our extensive range of services. 

Energy Actions manages 13% of the national commercial and industrial electricity spend, which allows us to create competitive tension between retailers to ensure you get the best price outcome for your business. Furthermore, you can create leverage by using your total portfolio or aggregating demand from all businesses in your group to increase your buying power. 

Innovative Procurement Solutions Helping Aussie Businesses Save On Their Electricity Bills

Whether you're managing single sites or multiple sites, we've got the procurement solutions to suit your business needs. 


Australian Energy Exchange (AEX) - energy retailers competitively bidding for your business

All retailers are invited to bid for your electricity contract through our unique Australian Energy Exchange (AEX) platform. The reverse auction model maximises competitive tension by forcing retailers to put their best offers forward in a live online auction. 

Working with all major retailers, our reverse auction platform helps you avoid the complex and time consuming quote comparison process. Watch the prices drop as we help you secure the best deal on the market.


Request For Proposal (RFPs) - tenders tailored to your business needs

While our Reverse Auction secures the best price on any given day, our Request For Proposals provide a tailored procurement solution for businesses with complex energy needs.

We deep dive into your energy needs and offer retailers the opportunity to submit their best proposals. Let us take the guess work out of your energy contracts by reviewing, comparing and contrasting every aspect from negotiable charges to terms and conditions to find the best option for your business.


Progressive Purchasing - benefit from downward pricing trends with short term contracts

Be more responsive to price and volume volatility with a structured product, by evaluating your volume requirements at regular intervals during your contract - rather than at the end.

Unlike standard fixed price and volume contracts, this high-touch procurement solution allows you to alter your volume commitments during the contract term. Our regular assessment of your consumption allows you to effectively mitigate volume risk. 

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