Microgrid and Embedded Network Operations


What are Microgrids and Embedded Networks?

A Microgrid is a private electricity network that uses local energy generation sources (e.g. rooftop solar) to supply loads within that network. It may be capable of operating with or without support from the main power grid.

To monetise the benefits of a Microgrid, an Embedded Network must be in place to on-sell energy to tenants. An Embedded Network removes the barriers that have in the past prevented landlords and property owners from investing in renewable energy and allows landlords and tenants to share the benefits of locally-produced energy.


It’s a global trend.

Precincts around the world have started regrouping and investing in Microgrids and Embedded Networks to:

• Save tenants money;
• Create a new revenue stream for building owners;
• Help businesses minimise their carbon footprint, and;
• Improve security of energy supply.


Businesses who can benefit from a Microgrid or Embedded Network.

Various types of precincts can gain significant benefits from implementing a Microgrid or Embedded Network, namely:

•  Shopping centres
•  Airports
•  Industrial and Commercial estates
•  Office buildings


I want one and I want one now!

However enticing it may be to implement a Microgrid or Embedded Network, businesses can’t jump into the project blindly, hoping that a DIY solution will work and that they can just make it up as they go.

Not only is setting up and managing a portfolio of Microgrids and Embedded Networks extremely complex and tedious, the undertaking is fraught with rules and regulations over which businesses can easily trip and will have to heavily pay for their slip ups. 


Trust us to take care of it all.

what a microgrid can do for your business
With in-house electrical engineers and project management skills, Energy Action can manage your entire Microgrid and Embedded Network from feasibility studies and implementation through to data reporting, ongoing system upgrades, tenant management and beyond.