The increasing focus on sustainability research recognises the changing nature of environmental challenges that all businesses face today. Energy Action plays core roles in both the development of industry specific policies and the ongoing education and assistance of key clients in both complying and benefiting from regulatory changes

Examples of core research and policy development work through Exergy include:
- Participation in the development and upkeep of the National Australian Built Environment Rating  Scheme (NABERS), from its initial inception as the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) t more recent tools such as NABERS Water for Offices, NABERS Energy and Water for Hotels, NABERS  Energy and Water for Shopping Centres, and NABERS Energy for Data Centres. This has included scheme creation, developing validation protocols and concluding benchmarking studies;

- Development of energy and water benchmarks of office buildings for the Green Building Council of South Africa;

- Adaptation of NABERS for use in New Zealand;

- A central role in the development of the tenancy lighting assessment for the CBD scheme.