The installation of a solar power system at your site will generate renewable energy for use now and in the future, offsetting the energy required from the grid and reducing your energy costs.

Depending on the size of the solar power unit, the project may be eligible for either Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) or Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC), which are tradeable in the market and therefore may provide some additional financial benefit.

Energy Action is able to provide the best possible solar solution for your individual site to ensure it is the correct size for your energy requirements in the shortest payback period.

Energy Action performs feasibility studies, designs, supplies, installs and commissions solar solutions for a broad range of commercial and industrial facilities. 

sirromet-wines---solar-installation_tmb-mediumEnergy Action Solar Installation
Sirromet Wines, QLD

This is one of the largest solar power systems of its kind in QLD. It will save about $50,000 a year and reduce annual carbon emissions by more than 400 tonnes.

Case Study

Clean Energy Council Solar Installation Award

Clean Energy Council Solar Installation Award
747 Collins Street, Melbourne

Energy Action was awarded the Grid-connect 15kw-100kW Award in 2016 in recognition of excellence in the design and installation of the solar system at 747 Collins Street in Melbourne. In addition to the solar installation we also procure the energy, contract management and have managed the upgrade of the building to a NABERS 6 star rating.

Have you considered a Solar Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)?

A Solar PPA will enable your business to have a solar system installed without any upfront investment required, enabling your business to start harvesting energy from the sun without spending a cent.

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