Retailers are facing increased scrutiny regarding energy usage across their operations. This pressure comes from both shareholders in terms of business efficiency and customers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the impact the products they buy have on the environment.

Energy Action Retail SupermarketsAs such, retailers must find ways to save energy and reduce reliance on the grid in an effort to lower carbon footprints and improve their environmental credentials.

Energy Action has years of experience working with some of the country's biggest retail operators and building owners, helping them to become more energy efficient across their supply chain.

Our suite of services covers the full range of energy saving measures, from streamlined electricity and gas procurement, through effective monitoring and reporting, to energy efficiency engineering solutions.

This provides retailers with a wide range of options, so they can select the opportunities that are best suited to their specific circumstances. Additionally, we can help identify these opportunities and guide you through the implementation process.

For example, our energy procurement service, powered by the Australian Energy Exchange, builds an accurate contract specification based on your needs and then enters you into a reverse auction at the optimum time. Here, energy suppliers bid against each other to win your contract, ensuring you receive the best available prices on electricity and gas.

Energy Action's energy management services don't end there, as we also provide energy and emissions monitoring, contract administration, bill validation and more via our Contract Management and Environmental Reporting offer.

In addition, our energy efficiency solutions cover various onsite supply and demand solutions that have clear returns on investment such as solar generation installations and energy efficient lighting solutions.

We can even help you with grants and funding applications, which can reduce the burden of making costly capital outlays when investing in renewable technology.