Manufacturing is one of the largest energy-consuming sectors globally. Whether its production related, heating, cooling, cleaning or other ancillary processes, significant quantities of energy are required to keep a manufacturing firm operating.

Energy Action Manufacturing

Any rise in the price of energy makes manufacturing more costly, directly impacting short and long term sustainability and profitability.  As the cost of electricity and gas continues to increase, this puts severe pressure on organisations in the manufacturing sector to assess their business efficiency and formulate plans to save energy.

The food and beverage industry is feeling this strain in particular, with major retailers demanding constantly better pricing, leaving manufacturers finding it an imperative to isolate cost savings within their operations.

Energy Action provides a number of energy efficiency services that can help businesses reduce consumption, lower costs, improve their environmental reputation and directly help manufacturer’s maintain competitiveness.

Energy Action provides detailed energy audits and feasibility studies to identify key opportunities to improve energy utilisation across the breadth of manufacturing operations, whether the assets involved are related to heavy or light industry. Numerous solutions require minimal or no capital outlay including boiler and combustion tuning opportunities.

We provide expertise in the feasibility and design of onsite energy generation solutions and see a renewed focus from manufacturer’s in investing in biomass projects, effectively burning production waste to generate electricity, to manage the cost of energy supply to their sites.

Optimised energy procurement is one of our core offerings, enabling you to secure the best available price on electricity and gas through a reverse auction process. Our follow-up contract management and environmental reporting services ensure you continue to realise the procurement savings and gain a comprehensive understanding of your usage across the life our your energy contract.

If you have compliancy requirements related to consumption and emissions, Energy Action is a leader in environmental reporting, ensuring timely and accurate data management across your business.

Concerned about the upfront costs of large-scale projects such as solar power systems? There could be grants and other funding options available, and we can help guide you through the application process.