Federal and state governments continue to invest billions of dollars in Australia's infrastructure each year, helping the country to provide better front-line services, improved transport networks and better business opportunities.

Energy efficiency is often a central focus for new infrastructure developments, with governments placing greater importance on reducing carbon footprints and driving environmental policies.

This means operators of roads, tunnels, ports and rail are encouraged to incorporate environmental solutions into their designs in an effort to save energy and lower costs.

Energy Action has worked with numerous public and private developers before, during and after the construction of vital infrastructure projects. We have a thorough understanding of how to deliver maximum business efficiency for these organisations.

We help you achieve significant cost and energy savings through a combination of services that help optimise electricity and gas consumption, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the final development.

One of the best ways to improve performance is through optimised energy procurement, which we can provide through our innovative reverse auction process. Our energy procurement service, powered by the Australian Energy Exchange, is the country's leading energy exchange for electricity and gas suppliers. Through our reverse auction platform, retailers bid against each other for the right to supply your energy contract, which ensures you save money through obtaining the best available pricing. To ensure the procurement savings are realised, we can also provide Contract Management and Environmental Reporting services delivering Contract administration, trend and spending reporting, bill validation and annual energy review services across the life of your procurement contract.

Our suite of solutions include onsite audits that identify inefficiencies in your current energy usage, as well as provide relevant recommendations on how to make improvements.

Energy Action not only tells you how much money you could save with a tailored solution, we also help you design, implement and monitor energy efficiency schemes to guarantee the desired outcomes.

Infrastructure developers can also benefit from advice and support with sustainable technologies, such as solar power systems and advanced lighting solutions. We conduct feasibility studies, design bespoke solutions and help you get in touch with suppliers and potential sources of funding for a truly end-to-end service.