Energy Action Hospitality - BarEnergy efficiency is an important consideration across many industries, and hospitality is no exception. Whether you operate a restaurant franchise, a pub or club or any other hospitality related venture, energy costs can quickly spiral out of control without careful attention. Energy Action understands energy management is not your prime focus. However we also understand every dollar counts and our aim is to simplify your ability to operate more cost effectively and achieve the best energy management outcomes available.

Energy Action has worked with numerous establishments in the hospitality sector, including RSL organisations, national fast food chains and hotel associations. This gives us both the knowledge and experience to provide detailed business efficiency advice and services within the industry.

The first step is to secure the best possible electricity rates for your business. Our energy procurement service, powered by the Australian Energy Exchange, is the country's leading energy exchange for electricity and gas suppliers. Through a reverse auction process, retailers bid against each other for the right to supply your energy contract, which ensures you save costs through obtaining the best available price. To ensure the procurement savings are realised, we can also provide Contract Management and Environmental Reporting services delivering contract administration, trend and spending reports, bill validation and annual energy review services across the life of your procurement contract.

After procuring cost effective electricity and gas contracts, the second step is to identify the best opportunities for saving energy, reducing electricity costs and boosting your environmental credentials.

Our suite of solutions and services cover both small and large scale projects, so you can benefit from energy savings regardless of the size or budget of your operations. This may include simple best-practice temperature adjustments for your air conditioning units or advice on energy efficient lighting solutions and alternate generation opportunities such as solar power installations.

Energy Action offers feasibility studies, on-site audits and tailored implementation guidance to ensure every project you undertake optimises energy usage, saves money and maintains customer satisfaction.

This allows you to concentrate on running your hospitality business knowing that your energy consumption is in the right hands, both now and in the future.