Healthcare is an industry where continuous, reliable energy is crucial to ensure the requirements associated with patient safety and care are met without fail.

Energy Action Health - HospitalsEnergy Action has extensive experience working with healthcare clients, meaning we can provide tailored, sector-specific procurement, contract management and energy efficiency solutions that suit the demanding needs of healthcare providers.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the way in which healthcare facilities approach energy usage. This gives us a fundamental framework to assess and identify areas for improvement that will enhance operational performance while providing fast energy savings for your organisation.  

Energy Action healthcare - doctorIf your healthcare facility wants cost effective electricity and gas, our energy procurement service allows us to work with you to draw up a sophisticated specification that outlines all of your consumption needs. We then release this information via a reverse auction powered by our procurement platform, the Australian Energy Exchange, where competing energy retailers bid to win your energy contract and provide you with electricity or gas at the best available rates.

To ensure the procurement savings are realised, we can provide Contract Management and Environmental Reporting services delivering contract administration, energy usage and energy spend reporting, bill validation and annual energy review services across the life of your procurement contract.

Energy Action can also offer guidance for onsite generation projects, including solar and cogeneration / trigeneration power supply solutions. These deliver ongoing energy saving benefits, while reducing your reliance on grid stability, which can be particularly attractive for healthcare owners.

Not sure what energy efficiency measures are best for your organisation? We also offer extensive audit and feasibility studies to identify opportunities, such as lighting retrofit work, which will reduce your energy usage and lower costs.

Our services also cover grants and funding, as well as an extensive supplier network where the best technology can be sourced cost-effectively.