Energy Action negotiates electricity contracts for businesses of all sizes from   
    any industry with a range of procurement services that are designed to fit each
    customer’s unique business model. For businesses who spend more than
    $25,000 per year on electricity, Energy Action's Australian Energy Exchange is 
\   the most effective way to procure large electricity contracts in as little as 15 
    minutes, using our reverse online auction platform. For more information on reverse auctions click here.

The online auction process drives a high degree of price tension, is fully transparent and has participation from all major retailers in the Australian electricity market. The combination of these factors has resulted in a proven track record of securing the best prices on any given day within the retail market for our customers. To see some recent results on quote comparisons verses our reverse auctions click here.

If you have a single site or a portfolio of large market sites and have specific contractual or commercial requirement that may not suit an auction process, Energy Action also conducts large market tenders for obtaining electricity contracts.


For small to medium businesses (SMEs), Energy Action can provide assistance with collective bargaining for a number of small sites under a Group Buying tender or individual tenders designed for those businesses who spend less than $25,000 a year on electricity. Energy Action can provide the expertise, preparation and negotiations required for small business tenders that will ensure you receive the best contract for your business and operations.

Want the best outcome for your energy procurement and to get more control over your energy usage and contracts?

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