Embedded Network Operations

Microgrid and Embedded Network Operations

Embedded Network Operations

A global rise in popularity

As more businesses look for alternate revenue streams and others are interested in sourcing part of their power through renewable energy sources, Microgrids and Embedded Networks are becoming increasingly popular for many precincts around the world. 

Energy Action provides the full spectrum of services to establish and manage a successful Embedded Network. We can help you assess the feasibility of an Embedded Network for your site, manage network design, implementation, establishment, and ongoing operations management.

Ongoing support and maintenance on all fronts

Once you have a functional Microgrid or Embedded Network – whether it was developed and implemented by Energy Action or a third party – we can look after your ongoing operations. 

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Our Embedded Network Operations offer can include the following services:


Electricity meter reading


Billing services


Tenant register management


Profitability reporting


Tenant pricing management


Reporting integrated into your finance system


Process and risk management


Compliance reviews

Let us take care of things

We can help you navigate the risks and pitfalls of embedded power generation.

We’ll standardise operations across your business to ensure that your Microgrid or Embedded Network is profitable, sustainable and industry-compliant, and can also provide advice and upgrades to meet the evolving requirements of your network.